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Photo Source: Lemon Juice Story

With 11 years of track record, Cosmobeauté Indonesia promises to always bring new idea to fulfil the market demand focusing on traditional herbal medicine that concern on health and beauty from inner heart and body also known as Jamu to meet buyers’ expectation.

Jamu is known as Indonesian Traditional Herbal Medicine was originated in Java, has been focusing on making herbal medicine in traditional way for many years to all pharmaceutical products and other products in health sector that consumed by the public in both local and internationally. 

It has been widely used by the Indonesian whether in rural or urban areas and people believe it certainly bringing not just outer beauty but inner beauty as well. Indonesia, a big country that rich in natural resources and always been its abundance of plant life. It is with this bounty that Indonesia has always been able to provide for the health and beauty care to its community.

“Producers of jamu products see great opportunities abroad. Asia remains the stronghold for herbal remedies but their popularity is growing around the world, according to experts.

Indonesia, which is home to around 6,000 varieties of herbs, was still punching below its weight and remained a small player in the $50-billion herbal remedy industry, which is dominated by countries including China and India. He said the sector should focus on exporting good quality, cheap raw ingredients instead of simply ready-made products, as it mainly does now, which could increase annual earnings four fold,” said Charles Saesrang, Chairman of Jamu Entrepreneurs Association.



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Cosmobeauté Indonesia 2015, known as the Largest Beauty Trade Exhibition in Indonesia has finally marked its 10th Anniversary, held from 15 – 17 October 2015 at Jakarta Convention Center (JCC) in the largest city in Indonesia with 270 exhibitors from 17 international countries as well as Indonesia.

During the 3-days exhibition, 11,812 trade visitors are mostly from Indonesia region and 23 international countries such as Afghanistan, China, Dubai, England, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Poland, Russia, Shanghai, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Timor Leste, USA and Yunani.

Numerous business interaction were made through face to face meeting whom mostly from beauty, nail, hair salon owners, distributors, importers and retailers came with the purpose of looking for products for their own business and be educated through stage program and beauty workshop while each exhibitor promoting brand awareness in Indonesia beauty market.


Officiated 10th Anniversary by Honourable Ministry of Industry Republic of Indonesia

Dra. Euis Saedah, M.Sc, Director General of Small and Medium Industries, Ministry of Industry officially launched Cosmobeauté Indonesia 2015 with the inaugural “Ketupat Lepas” ceremony, followed by a series of appreciation awards to all associations, embassy, government bodies and partners who supported us throughout the journey.

“Cosmobeaute Indonesia is expected to be an excellent business opportunity to share information and latest technology products and services among the exhibitors, which will eventually create a strong business network for the development of beauty industry both nationally and internationally." - Dra. Euis Saedah, M.Sc, Director General of the Small and Medium Industries, Ministry of Industry.

What’s On Stage?

Amazing Talents in Make Up Industry Battled for the Top Spot!

The ASEAN Creative Make Up Competition gathered makeup artists in the Southeast Asia region competing to be the best of the best. The theme, “Discovering The SEAcret Beauty” has certainly brought the best out of the contestants as they let their imagination and skills to create bold yet stunning makeup arts, which has impressed both the judges and audiences.

Contestants were competing each other with only 45 minutes and were judged by a panel of international yet professional judges in such; Mr Jacky Tirmurtius and Ms Henni S. Neograha from Indonesia, Ms Linda Yip from Hong Kong, Ms Agnes Lim from Myanmar and Mr Jeremy Leong from Singapore. 3 Winners were selected fairly and given cash prizes, trophies, goodie bags sponsored by Masami Shuoko and certificates meanwhile another 3 runner up were given goodie bags sponsored by Masami Shuoko, trophies and certificates.


Education & Skills Enhancement

Captured Good Responses and Attention from Spa & Wellness Industry

The first edition of Spa Day was held on the first day with 2 activities - Spa Seminar and Traditional Spa Massage Competition. Spa Seminar was led by 3 professional spa salon owners with 2 presented topics; “Holistic Spa” History Spa & Treatment “Tropical Fusion Massage” by Dra. Yunita Tjahyanto and Louise Jumarani, “How to start Wellness & Beauty Business (Spa, Salon & Reflexology) and how to get the capital easy” by Dra. Effiati Aryoko, Apt. More than 50 spa salon owners and therapists had attended the spa seminar with the aim of increasing their understanding in spa industry as well as building inbound spa therapists or spa salon owners as a contribution towards the spa industry in Indonesia.

Traditional Spa Massage Competition comes right after Spa Seminar and was co-organised with Indonesian Spa Therapist Association (ASTI). It has effectively involved 30 contestants to compete each other by unleashing their skilful spa massage to win the champion title back.


A Day with Aesthetic Doctors

Aesthetic Seminar was held on 17 October 2015 which was the last day of Cosmobeauté Indonesia. Involving all aesthetic doctors whom are attentive to know more in depth about ‘Skin Aging’ and was led by 4 expert aesthetic doctors in such Dr. Abraham Arimuko, Sp.KK, MARS, FINSDV, FAADV, Dr. Sjarif M. Wasita Atmadja, Sp.KK(K), FINSDV, FAADV, Dr. Lilik Norawati, Sp.KK(K), FINSDV and Dr. Lili Legiawati, Sp.KK(K) and had shared 4 different topics that related to Skin Aging. There were more than 50 aesthetic doctors came from different region to widen their knowledge about aesthetic in spite to increase the growth of aesthetic industry.


Broaden Your Knowledge in Beauty Workshop

In concurrence of stage program, a 3-days beauty workshop were held with the attendance of local visitors that came from several region to be inspired and growing their knowledge about beauty industry in order to cultivate their beauty business in Indonesia. Throughout the beauty workshop, demonstration also hosted by the speakers in furtherance to have better understanding in aesthetic, makeup, hair do, massaging, dermatologist and many more that relate to beauty industry.


One2One Meeting Program – A Program to Expand Your Business

Throughout the 3-days exhibition, One2One Business Meeting Program had successfully tied the international exhibitors and local potential importers, buyers, and distributors in order to develop new business relationships. This program served as a strategic platform for local to have better understanding about particular brands and products represented by international exhibitors. 

View more Cosmobeauté Indonesia photos here: Photo Gallery 2015 

Cosmobeauté Indonesia returns in style for the 2015 edition with loads of exciting events planned just for you!

The 10th anniversary of Cosmobeauté Indonesia 2015 promises exciting events such as the ASEAN Creative Make Up Competition 2015 on 15th October 2015 at the Jakarta Convention Centre! Be sure to join us in the competition where it will involve make up artists from various regions in Indonesia and ASEAN competing for glory. Enjoy the intense clash of skill and art during the competition!
Venue:         The Plenary Hall, Jakarta Convention Center
Date:             15 October 2015
Time:            2:00PM - 6:30PM.


The competition will involve make-up artists from various regions in Indonesia and ASEAN, making it the largest make up competition in the ASEAN region. Roughly about 100 participants have been confirmed to take part in the competition, which will feature Indonesia’s top models and make up artists!

Each participant will come out with their own original creative creation in decorating their models into a form or character faces matching our theme; "Discovering the SEAcret Beauty" as a part of our deep attachments to the Indonesian seas.


Behind The Theme: Discovering The SEAcret Beauty

Indonesia is surrounded by vast seas approximately 5.6 million km square with a coastline of 81,000 km, providing the nation abundant potential resources. In the future, marine development and fisheries is expected to be the leading sectors in supporting the country's economy in empowering communities engaged in the marine and fisheries sector


International Judges from 5 Countries!

5 international judges in the beauty and make up industry have been invited in our search to find the best ASEAN make up artist for the year 2015.

If you are interested in joining as a participant, register now and don't let this chance to test your artistic talent slip away! Various prizes will be handed to the winners such as cash prizes, trophies, certificates and also exclusive beauty packages from Masami Shouko!

For more information, kindly contact:
Kristi: +6221 7590 2647
Nurty: +62851 0188 3847
or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


To register, fill up the form in the button below and send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Whenever we hear “Spa”, most of the time, “Massage” comes to mind. Indeed, a massage is the main treatment in Spa Industry. There are numerous types of massage techniques that exist today, offered in spa and wellness center, providing clients better blood circulation, relief of muscle strains, while at the same time calming the body and mind in a pleasurable manner.

With various of types of massage treatments offered in the industry, the ability to perform the best and effective massage techniques, and the ability to perform it multiple times in a day is without doubt, the most essential asset for a therapist.

Introducing Spa Day to all members in spa industry! Join one of our exhibition highlights in Cosmobeauté Indonesia as we celebrate our 10 years anniversary. The Spa Day will feature 3 experienced professionals from the industry, sharing their amazing secrets and tips about various spa treatments and how to get profit in short period.



Date: 15 October 2015 (Thursday)
Time: 9:00am – 2:30pm
Date: Nuri Room, Jakarta Convention Center (JCC)



Dra. Yunita Tjahyanto, Azarine Sp Louise Jumarani, Dipl. CIDESCO
“Holistic Spa” History Spa & Treatment“ Tropical Fusion Massage“ by Azarine Team
Dra. Effiati Aryoko, Apt

“How to start Wellness & Beauty Business (Spa, Salon & Reflexology) and how to get the capital easy”


Traditional Spa Massage Competition organized by Indonesian Spa Therapist Association (ASTI)


Spa Therapists Association of Indonesia (ASTI) as an organization and collaborates with Cosmobeauté Indonesia by holding a Traditional Spa Massage which is expected to be an actualization of the therapists SPA in Indonesia, and a reference for spa industries in Indonesia, which has the therapists the best SPA.


Inviting all spa members in spa industry to join this spa competition in conjunction of Spa day and bring back Champion title back!


Date: 15 October 2015 (Thursday)
Time: 3:00pm – 7:00pm
Venue: Nuri Room, Jakarta Convention Center (JCC)
*Spa Competition Registration Fee: Rp 150,000


Register Now to reserve a seat! For more information:

Spa Seminar - Ms. Kristi at +6221 7590 2647 / 2638 / 6812 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Spa Competition – Ms. Naning at +62 8121 620 30

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