The combined Vietbeauty & Cosmobeauté Vietnam exhibition organised by Informa Markets will be rescheduled to 24 – 26 August 2022 at the Saigon Exhibition Convention Centre (SECC). These events were originally scheduled to be held between 21-23 December 2021.

Despite the recent easing of restrictions in Ho Chi Minh City, the decision to move the shows to 2022 allows for more confidence and safety to return for marketplace effectiveness. With the new dates, the Organiser hopes to guarantee better and safer attendee face-to-face experiences, bringing together leaders and trendsetters of the industry – providing an unrivalled business platform for mindshare, networking and products/services promotion.

As a bridge to live events, Informa Markets will organise the second edition of Beauty Space, a B2B Virtual Event, running from 29 November to 2 December 2021. Beauty Space combines content from six ASEAN beauty shows into an online portal to offer virtual buyers content variety with multilingual options for localised selling. Beauty Space will run for four days with optional one-on-one business matching services for bespoke sourcing needs of the industry.

We look forward to welcoming the Vietnamese industry back again in August 2022 for our next in-person beauty event as the world resets post-pandemic.


Informa Markets, the organiser of Beautyexpo and Cosmobeauté Malaysia, has decided to reschedule the 20th Edition of Beautyexpo and 16th Edition of Cosmobeauté Malaysia, to 28 September – 1 October 2022 in an exciting hybrid format, combining the in-person event at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC) with online opportunities simultaneously. The events were originally scheduled to be held on 1-4 October 2021.

The decision to move the shows to 2022 was made after a careful consideration and thoughtful deliberation with key stakeholders, exhibitors and industry partners. The new dates will allow time for increased vaccine rates and for business travel to resume, enabling the team to host an event of the high quality you’ve come to expect with unique business opportunities.

“The hybrid format next year allows a greater sourcing experience for the beauty community to meet face-to-face with safety at the forefront and virtually with digital components to ramp up business opportunities and networking on a larger scale. Despite these extraordinary times, the beauty industry remains resilient, and businesses continue to evolve through unprecedented solutions,” says Gerard Willem Leeuwenburgh, Country General Manager of Informa Markets in Malaysia.

To bring the entire beauty and hair community even closer, Cosmobeauté Channel and BE Hair Channel will run simultaneously, spotlighting segments on Aesthetic, Beauty, Cosmetics & Embroidery, Hair, Nail and Spa & Wellness, through binge-worthy live streaming and on-demand content. The latest digital initiative will feature an array of stellar speakers and key industry leaders to exchange ideas and education sessions in the coming months.

“With physical events resuming at scale in 2022, we are thrilled to present the second edition of Beauty Space, a B2B Virtual Event, which is set to be held from 29 November to 2 December 2021 , following its premier in 2020. By combining six powerful forces of ASEAN beauty shows from Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam, Beauty Space provides vast opportunities for stakeholders, distributors, retailers and buyers to network from anywhere in the world whilst tapping into the Southeast Asia beauty market,” Gerard shares.

Beauty Space offers a newly enhanced and comprehensive smart online business matching solution to deliver a compelling experience under one seamless platform throughout four days with extension access for two weeks after the live event. The B2B digital networking and matchmaking platform comes with features such as brand and product listing, pre-scheduled meeting, search function, live video chat and will be packed with curated content sessions.

Gerard says, “We’re fully committed to reinvigorating the beauty industry and bolstering economic growth. Ultimately, we believe Beauty Space will help to foster business by bringing together the entire beauty community.”

Beauty Space Pre-Event Webinar

Southeast Asia Beauty Insights: Challenges and Opportunities

Hear directly from industry experts as they share about Southeast Asia beauty insights and address the key challenges and opportunities on how the beauty industry can continue to conduct business practices in this challenging times.

This session will feature an expert panel consisting of Sirinar Puppachat from Mintel Thailand; Effendi from Indonesia Association of Health and Beauty Entrepreneurs (APK21); Jacqueline O. Lim from Chamber of Cosmetics Industry of the Philippines, Inc. (CCIP), and Alvin Loh from Malaysia Cosmetology Chamber of Commerce (PAMM).

Welcoming remarks by Claudia Bonfiglioli from Informa Markets – Beauty Global and Dianah Athirah from Informa Markets Malaysia – Beauty will serve as host.

Topic: Southeast Asia Beauty Insights: Challenges and Opportunities
Date: 14 September 2021
Time: 2.30PM – 4.00PM (GMT+8 Malaysia Time)
Platform: Zoom Webinar
Language: English 
Admission: FREE

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Reimagining The New World of Beauty

Informa Markets is bringing back Beauty Space 2nd edition which set to be held from 29 November to 2 December 2021 virtually, following the maiden edition in 2020. An ideal regional online meeting place for beauty professionals to connect with the global beauty community through B2B digital networking and matchmaking platform.

Beauty Space returns with a completely new, convenient and comprehensive online business matching solution, combining powerful forces together of six ASEAN beauty shows from Malaysia (Cosmobeauté Malaysia & Beautyexpo), Indonesia (Cosmobeauté Indonesia, Philippines (Philbeauty) and Vietnam (Cosmobeauté Vietnam & Vietbeauty).

Beauty Space provides lucrative opportunities in the beauty industry to answer a growing demand of shaping the future of beauty in this digital era, enabling stakeholders to present latest product innovations and cutting-edge technologies whilst meet international prospects. “In the new world of beauty, Beauty Space strives to become a preeminent platform for the industry players to get connected, inspired and energized. We thrive to keep momentum of Southeast Asia beauty industry and pivot towards importance of resilient beauty,” shares David Bondi, Senior Vice President – Asia of Informa Markets.

Informa Markets remains more than ever committed in spearheading the beauty industry within beauty businesses and entire beauty community to ensure stay buoyant despite pandemic. Beauty Space brings together stakeholders, distributors, retailers and buyers under one seamless platform throughout four days of online business networking vast opportunities.

Together, all of these six ASEAN beauty shows will complement each other in Beauty Space and continue to drive economic growth in this emerging beauty market. Beauty Space will be anticipating nearly 200 key industry players to present their products and innovations in Beauty Space. Everyone is welcome to meet and engage on the smart networking platform.

Ten dedicated sectors will be covered include Aesthetic, Beauty, Cosmetics & Embroidery, Hair, Halal beauty, Nail, OEM/ODM, Spa & Wellness, Supply Chain and Cosmetics Ingredients. With the fast-growing beauty market, Beauty Space focuses on each four countries unique key target market whilst tapping into Southeast Asia: Malaysia – Halal Cosmetics & Personal Care, Indonesia – Cosmetic Ingredients & Supply Chain, Philippines – Mass Beauty & Personal Care and Vietnam – E-Commerce, Retailer & Cosmetics.

Aside from business matchmaking, Beauty Space also features an informative, interactive and captivating packed agenda sessions through live streaming and video-on-demand format. This provides the ideal platform to share latest trends, stimulate ideas, educate, share expertise by distinguished speakers and key industry leaders within the community.

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Blue Is The New Green: How APAC Beauty Firms Are Riding The Wave Towards Marine Protection

From ethically sourced marine ingredients to waterless formulations, cosmetic companies in Asia Pacific are turning their attention towards marine protection on the latest step on their journey towards sustainability.

While green beauty focuses on environmental protection, blue beauty stems from the need to address and correct the ways the industry’s products harm our oceans. “From ingredient sourcing to responsible packaging, industry leaders that were previously seen as ‘green’ are now making a concerted effort to become ‘blue’. It’s certainly resonating with the sustainability and ethical expectations of consumers. With the oceans covering more than 70% of the Earth’s surface, it comes as no surprise that future leaders are advocating their protection,” ​explained Krutika Sen, business affairs manager of Australian biotech firm Marinova.

She said that the trend, while a global one, is spreading quickly in the APAC region, evidenced by more research into the potential of marine-derived ingredients.

Furthermore, because of the historic use of seaweeds in many Asian cultures, the company expects seaweed to be in high demand among brands from APAC.

“We tend to see APAC brands very open to incorporating seaweed extracts into their products. They are already aware of many the therapeutic benefits offered by certain seaweeds and their bioactive compounds and keen to embrace new scientific evidence as it emerges.”​

As the blue beauty model emphasises the entire supply chain, Sen expects it to place sustainable and ethical sourcing under the microscope.

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Beauty Packaging Innovation | Special Issue by Premium Beauty News

Whether made of concrete, ceramic, glass, aluminium, and plastic (but recycled, plant-based and / or compostable), beauty packaging is becoming recyclable, refillable, consigned. The cosmetic packaging of tomorrow will be sustainable or it will not be! In any case, this is what seems to emerge from the trends spotted during a more than complex year 2020.

As the world is experiencing an ecological and sanitary crisis, the beauty sector sees countless emerging brands embracing the precepts of a more environmentally friendly approach to consumption. Reduced, refillable, sustainable packaging, cleaner formulas… These start-ups, in line with current trends, managed to develop innovative concepts that introduced new bathroom habits. Historical brands and industry giants are not to be outdone and are driving a real transformation of the value chain.

Check out the trends on:

- Hygiene and skincare: When sustainability drives packaging innovation
- Perfume bottles – Glassmakers are accelerating their environmental transition
- Hygiene-beauty bulk products: How to keep a clean container-content couple?
- Cosmetic formulas in the midst of a transition

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Why Does Vietnam Love e-Commerce?

Luxury consumers prefer shopping on social networks like Instagram over physical stores – and the trend only grew during COVID-19

With a developing economy and a population of over 97 million in 2020, Vietnam is a promising market for e-commerce and that promise has only grown over the last year despite – or even in part as a result of – the coronavirus pandemic.

According to a January 2021 report by the country’s Ministry of Industry and Trade’s Department of E-commerce and Digital Economy, 53 per cent of the population has already took part in online retail. Meanwhile, the “E-conomy SEA 2020” report from Google, Temasek and Bain & Company pointed out that e-commerce in Vietnam grew 46 per cent year on year, alongside strong growth across most sectors except for travel. Looking towards 2025, they suggest the E-conomy will reach US$52 billion in value, ranking third in Southeast Asia.

The fast-growing middle class is the sector driving increasing expenditure, with its number reaching 33 million in 2020, up from 12 million in 2012. As the middle class expands, there’s also a growing interest in top luxury brands.

The new demographic are HENRYs (High Earners Not Rich Yet), who have an annual income of about US$75,000-100,000, according to Robert Tran, CEO at RBNC, a global business advisory firm.

Despite the presence of physical stores, the second most popular channel for shopping for luxury brands is through social networks. This makes sense when you consider that Vietnamese spend about seven hours per day on average on the internet, mostly on Facebook and YouTube but also on Zalo (a local chat app) and Instagram.

Facebook was by far the preferred platform for e-commerce, chosen by 89 per cent of respondents to a 2019 survey by Asia Plus Inc. And with over 66.7 million Facebook users in 2020, Vietnam ranks seventh in the world, as reported by

This all suggests Vietnam can be a gold mine for individual small sellers with private online shops. Fashion and beauty are the two most common searches and purchases online too, accounting for 55 per cent and 30 per cent respectively, according to the Asia Plus survey.

Source: South China Morning Post

The New Definition of Value for Makeup

As the world emerges from the pandemic’s constraints, color will become a symbol of self-expression and optimism. It will help people feel stronger and more confident in their ability to face the future. Makeup will resonate with consumers in 2021 and it will come with a new definition of value.

The process started with asking what’s next after the current hybrid makeup trend. In 2020, sources like WGSN and Mintel reported that in Europe, 40% of new makeup products included hydration. In the U.S., 42% of female consumers wished their makeup products also benefited their skin. In South Korea, makeup is evolving into products that benefit the skin.

Using different techniques, Foresee Lab envisioned a future where makeup delivers both aesthetic and skin-repairing properties with high-performance results.

As makeup is one of the most dynamic categories in social media, between May 2019 and May 2020, the Foresee Lab utilized artificial intelligence technology to extract the most relevant beauty conversations in the U.S. They analyzed 20 million sources from across the internet, including social platforms, forums and reviews, for beauty conversations related to the face, eyes, lips and nails.

Data were analyzed in several ways, including by top search terms and hashtags. For example, top hashtags in the social conversations about makeup included #makeupartist, #fashion, #makeuptutorial, and #makeupaddict. But in social media conversations about makeup, when consumers used a phrase like “I love” or “I like”, the top beauty hashtags were #skincare, #skincareroutine, #healthyskin, and #skincaretips. This could signal the strong trend of connecting makeup and skincare, reinforcing the potential trend.

In 2021, the artificial intelligence research uncovered some relevant findings through analyzing the data by volume of social media posts:

- “Glowy” is the #1 finish for complementary facial makeup products, like blushes or setting sprays.
- The most mentioned products for eyes are eyeshadow and eyeliner.
- For eyeshadow, a glittery finish was the most-mentioned effect.
- Most of the mentions for brow gel concerned waterproofing and volumizing benefits.
- Lip makeup was the most-mentioned makeup product in March and May 2021.

The research found that talk centered around four trends:

A quest for the “Holy Grail”: Consumers want best-in-class texture, finish and application from their everyday products. They want to be able to purchase their go-to products time and time again without the risk of being dissatisfied. They sacrifice one attribute to satisfy another need, continuously buying new brands and products until they’re happy. They subscribe to beauty boxes or buy travel sizes to sample before purchasing full-sized products.

Showing their best across the day: Consumers want makeup to stay in place and not transfer to other areas of their face or to other surfaces, like clothing or a face mask. They want to feel confident in their appearance without fearing something is out of place. They will use other products to stop the accidental spread of makeup, like powder on the undereye, concealer on the eyelid to prime before eyeshadow, and setting spray.

Healthy skin first: When consumers apply facial cosmetics they want healthy, clear, even, hydrated skin as the base of their application. This is so they can evenly and easily apply makeup while simultaneously improving the long-term health of their skin. They adopt an extensive skincare routine and use more product to cover imperfections when these options aren’t available to them.

Turn complex steps into a simple experience: When consumers attempt a specific or difficult style of makeup, they want the experience to be accessible, no matter their skill level. This is so they can express their artistry and achieve the previously unachievable. Using hacks to make acts simpler, like tape along the outer eye to create a clean line of eyeshadow or a spoon to keep mascara off the upper eyelid during application, is common.

The research takes the guesswork out of the equation, increasing the likelihood that consumers will try a new makeup product and fall in love with it. Artificial intelligence has given us a window into consumer thoughts and behavior that previously wasn’t available.

Source: Premium Beauty News


The 20th Edition of beautyexpo and 16th Edition of Cosmobeauté Malaysia organised by Informa Markets will be held in hybrid edition by adding digital components to the show from 1 to 4 October 2021 under one roof at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC).

Powered by Cosmoprof Asia, beautyexpo and Cosmobeauté Malaysia will be co-located and become Malaysia’s first unique beauty hybrid event in 2021 which expecting around 300 exhibitors to participate. With the hybrid edition, it provides an ideal platform for beauty industry professionals include to reconnect with beauty community to showcase their latest products and innovations whilst extend business reach with extensive networking opportunities whether in live or/or virtually from anywhere in the world.

This year’s show introduces new exhibit sectors include Academy, Aesthetic, Beauty, Cosmetics & Embroidery, Hair, Halal Beauty, Nail, OEM/ODM and Spa & Wellness. Additionally, features enviable events such as Barber Asia Festival, 9th CosmonailCup INCA ASEAN Competition, Beauty Live Chat, Business Matchmaking Programme, educational workshops, seminars, webinars and live demonstrations which are poised to bring stellar experience to the audiences within beauty community.

“As Malaysia begin to gradually normalize from pandemic restrictions and ongoing roll out of National Immunisation Programme, we are optimist in bringing back beautyexpo and Cosmobeauté Malaysia in a hybrid format with a strong and safest comeback. Hybrid events will become the new normal and essential to business events and exhibitions industry,” said Gerard Willem Leeuwenburgh, Country General Manager of Informa Markets in Malaysia.

The hybrid edition offers a world of extended opportunity to the audiences by combining a seamless integration of online and offline experience. It provides alternative for international participants to network and access concurrent live stream sessions virtually.

“With presenting beautyexpo and Cosmobeauté Malaysia as a trailblazing hybrid event, this allows the importers, suppliers, manufacturers and beauty professionals to engage with the buyers and entire beauty community in a captivating and collaborative ways through immersive virtual platform complementing the flagship live event regardless the travel restrictions or distance. We very much look forward to meeting all of you in-person and virtually this coming October. In the meantime, we will continue to connect the beauty community through digital opportunities maximizing the engagement whilst strengthening the beauty market,” Gerard added.


‘Hybrid’ Beauty Trade Exhibition

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Informa Markets Vietnam, the Organiser of Cosmobeauté Vietnam & Vietbeauty , has introduced countermeasures to ensure business continuity in our marketplaces – allowing and assuring our buyers and sellers the ability to connect not only when trade exhibitions are permitted, but also when communication and commerce move online and when health and safety measures require social distancing. Wherever buyers and sellers may be located, using our online solutions, we ensure our trade events remain effective with extended reach via the internet.

This year’s hybrid event will offer expanded opportunities to attendees and guaranteed connectivity by putting together live and online events. The event will also help increase networking opportunities and gain valuable connections through an AI-powered matchmaking service that connects participants with buyers who are directly interested in their products. Through our hybrid event, attendees will be able to access focused live streaming sessions from anywhere in the world, using secure 1:1 video meetings and direct messaging, and attending exciting events and activities, such as beauty live chat, fireside chats, beauty competitions, educational workshops, expert clinics, insightful seminars/webinars from top-notch speakers, roundtable discussions, meaningful exhibitor-visitor business matching, and product demonstrations.

A Hosted Buyers Programme will enable participants to schedule pre-arranged meetings and source potential business partners by connecting suppliers directly with distributors, importers, beauty and aesthetics salons, retailers, e-commerce businesses, and prospective investors around the globe.

Cosmobeauté Vietnam & Vietbeauty will be held on 21-23 December 2021 at Hall A1, Saigon Exhibition Convention Center (SECC) and online. The largest beauty show will be held under one roof with the longest-running beauty trade exhibition for the first time ever in Vietnam, making it a massive event. This special event will attract over 350 exhibitors from more than 450 leading beauty brands from all over the world. It expects to welcome thousands of attendees at the live event and virtual platform.

All Informa events will be organised in accordance with Informa’s AllSecure health and safety standard. As the world’s leading event organiser, Informa has developed a detailed set of enhanced measures to provide the highest level of hygiene and safety standards at its events, assuring everyone that they are in a safe and controlled environment.