Cosmobeauté Indonesia present:
Aesthetic Therapist Advance Course!

Cosmobeauté Indonesia presents: Aesthetic Therapist Advance Course!

Period : 11 – 19 January 2021
Time :‪ 10.30am  – 12.00pm (GMT+7 Jakarta Time)
Platform : Zoom Webinar‬

Workshop Day : January 2021
Time : 09.00am – 05.00pm (GMT+7 Jakarta Time)

Admission for 7x courses & 1x workshop :
10 – 30 November 2020    : IDR 1.600.000
1 – 14 Desember 2020       : IDR 1.800.000
14 Desember 2020 – 11 January 2021 : IDR 2.000.000

Admission fee is included : 
Workshop Equipment (with APD), Certification of DIKTI and E-Book Material

Get an early bird price, by transferring a Down Payment of IDR 250,000,- and the full payment is latest on December 15, 2020. If the participant canceled, the Down Payment cannot be returned.

Register here to join Cosmoaesthetic Therapist Advance Course!

*Important notes :
– Open for public (SMA and equivalent) and attached a copy of Certificate Diploma.
– Language in Bahasa Indonesia.
– Please register with your ACTIVE EMAIL address.
– Please fill in the registration form completely, kindly include your full name in accordance with the professional title (for certificate).
– The number of seats are limited, immediately do registration & payment to secure your seat, because only official participants can get the Aesthetic Therapist Advance Course webinar link.
– The attendance of participants is required in every Aesthetic Therapist Advance Course session.
– Please kindly sign in to Zoom 15 minutes before the webinar begins.