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17 – 19 OCTOBER 2019


[INDONESIA] Introducing Cosmobeaute New Focus – Indonesia Traditional Herbal Medicine

Photo Source: Lemon Juice Story

With 11 years of track record, Cosmobeauté Indonesia promises to always bring new idea to fulfil the market demand focusing on traditional herbal medicine that concern on health and beauty from inner heart and body also known as Jamu to meet buyers’ expectation.

Jamu is known as Indonesian Traditional Herbal Medicine was originated in Java, has been focusing on making herbal medicine in traditional way for many years to all pharmaceutical products and other products in health sector that consumed by the public in both local and internationally.

It has been widely used by the Indonesian whether in rural or urban areas and people believe it certainly bringing not just outer beauty but inner beauty as well. Indonesia, a big country that rich in natural resources and always been its abundance of plant life. It is with this bounty that Indonesia has always been able to provide for the health and beauty care to its community.

“Producers of jamu products see great opportunities abroad. Asia remains the stronghold for herbal remedies but their popularity is growing around the world, according to experts.

Indonesia, which is home to around 6,000 varieties of herbs, was still punching below its weight and remained a small player in the $50-billion herbal remedy industry, which is dominated by countries including China and India. He said the sector should focus on exporting good quality, cheap raw ingredients instead of simply ready-made products, as it mainly does now, which could increase annual earnings four fold,” said Charles Saesrang, Chairman of Jamu Entrepreneurs Association.