Option 1:



Raw Space

USD360per sqm (min. 18sqm)

• Ideal for exhibitors who wish to customise your own stand design to suit your needs. 

*Additional items may be ordered using forms in the Online Exhibitor Manual. Exhibitors who wish to vary their stand layout from that illustrated above should consult our Official Stand Contractors for technical advice and quotation on any additional costs.


Option 2:



Shell Scheme

USD390 per sqm (min. 9sqm) 

Standard Items:
• Rear and dividing wall partition of 2.5 m of height in white laminated panel
• Fascia board with company name and booth number
• Needle punch carpet
• 1 x Information Counter
• 2 x Folding Chairs
• 1 x High Showcase
• 1 x Waste Paper Basket
• 1 x 2 amp/ 220 volt single phase power point
• 2 x Fluorescent Tube
• Daily Cleaning