Terms & Conditions for Exhibiting


In these terms and conditions for exhibiting, the term “Exhibitor” shall include all employees and agents of any company, partnership, firm or individual to whom space has been allocated for exhibiting. The term “Exhibition” shall refer to Cosmobeauté Vietnam”. The term “Organiser” shall mean “Informa Markets”.


Applications should be sent to
Informa Markets Malaysia Sdn Bhd

(formerly known as United Business Media (M) Sdn Bhd)

Suite 5-01, Level 5, Sunway VISIO Tower,
Lingkaran SV, Sunway Velocity,
55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
T: +603 9771 2688
F: +603 9771 2799
E: [email protected]


Organiser allocates spaces according to the order that payment is made after the acceptance of enquiry/space contract and in accordance to the terms and conditions stipulated in the signed space contract, and then the final booth will be confirmed. The Organiser shall allocate the space in accordance with the nature of the exhibit or in a manner the Organiser deems fit. The Organiser reserves the right to change the space allocated to the Exhibitor at any time prior to the commencement of the set-up of the exhibition should circumstances require a change. Other changes such as streamlining the allocated stands, cordoned off areas, re-positioning and closing of certain exits and entrances shall be at the discretion of the Organiser. The Exhibitor shall not claim for compensation as a result of the changes.


Cancellation will only be accepted under unavoidable circumstances. In the case of canceling the exhibition, exhibitors should inform the Organiser in writing and charges shall be levied as stipulated in the Space Contract form.


The installation and moving out of exhibits and booths must be completed by the date and time stipulated by the Organiser. Exhibitors shall indemnify the Organiser against any loss which may be caused by delay or damage to the Exhibition Hall.


Exhibitors shall provide descriptions of their exhibits before the construction of the exhibits and ensure compliance with regulations and restrictions on booth design and activity. Exhibitors shall also agree to provide the Organiser with the necessary information to facilitate the overall promotion.


Exhibitors are required to subscribe to all risks insurance policy on all equipment and products present during the Exhibition as well as during set-up and tear-down. The Organiser shall not take responsibility for any loss, theft, or damage to any articles/assets belonging to the Exhibitor. Materials used in stand and display construction must be properly fireproof in accordance with the local fire and safety regulations. The Organiser shall reserve the right to limit any constructions or demonstrations that considered to be potential safety hazards and to conform to the local authorities and hall owner’s by-laws, laws and regulations.


Exhibitors are bound to exhibit the announced products and to staff the stands with competent personnel during the opening hours of the Exhibition. Activities of the Exhibitor shall be confined within the limits of the Exhibitor’s booth. The exhibits will be consistent with the theme of the Exhibition and the Organiser reserves the right to restrict exhibits which the Organiser considers to detract from the general character of the Exhibition. Exhibitors placing advertisements must not contradict the general guidelines and theme of the Organiser. The Organiser’s decision shall be final on this matter.


When necessary, the Organiser shall have the right to issue supplementary regulations in addition to those contained in the RULES and REGULATIONS, Exhibitors Manual and in the Space Contract. Those regulations and instructions shall be binding on the Exhibitors, all heirs, successors-in-title, representatives, nominees and all legal assigns of the exhibitors. The Exhibitor shall observe the Exhibitor rules and regulations.


Any dispute, difference or question arising hereafter between the Organiser and the Exhibitor concerning the true construction of these RULES AND REGULATIONS or the rights and liabilities of the parties there to shall be governed by the laws of Malaysia and the parties shall submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Malaysia.

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