• The economy has grown and domestic spending have push the demand for personal care products like cosmetic and cosmetic surgery as well.

  • We make your life easier to market your products in ASEAN region. Different ethics and culture make doing business in this region very unique and challeging. One need to understand this and be patient when decide to earn a slice of this lucrative market.

  • For manufacturers and service providers looking for importers and distributors to represent their products , equipments and services in this region, you have the opportunity not only dealing with potential representative but Salon and Spa owners, and professionals in the beauty industry, this will definitely give a wide range of understanding of the local culture, climate, skin types, business etiquette and valuable feedback to launch related and saleable products.

  • Easy access among the countries via budget airlines and frequent flights have made traveling between this region hassle free. Cheaper accommodation compare to some Asian countries have further increased the travelling of visitors.

  • Asian Harmonisation Cosmetic Act and AFTA have enabled cosmetic and beauty products registration easier and has cause a reduction of taxes compare to before.

*ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA) – A trade bloc agreement by the Association of Southeast Asian Nations to support local manufacturing in all ASEAN countries.