AMSPA & MAWSPA Launch ‘Safe to Spa’ Campaign to Protect Interest of Members and Clients

Association of Malaysian Spas (AMSPA) and Malaysian Association of Wellness & Spa (MAWSPA) have come together to form a MAWSPA-AMSPA COVID-19 Special Task Force to protect the interests, security and health of their members and clients as Malaysia battles COVID-19 with the rest of the world.

“It has always been the guiding principle of the two associations to ensure that their members operate with the highest standards at all times,” Datin Jeanette Tambakau, President of AMSPA and Datin Dorothea Justin Moduying, President of MAWSPA said in a joint statement.

Spa and Pusat-Pusat Urutan Kaki (PUK) operators have to meet stringent criteria to become members of these two associations and many of our members have been star-rated by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture (MOTAC). So it was a natural step for both associations upon the onset of COVID-19 in Malaysia, to work closely together in an effort to come up with the best Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for its members, tailored for the highest level of safety and hygiene management that has become crucial in view of COVID-19.

The Safe to Spa Campaign is a collaboration between AMSPA and MAWSPA. It will provide their members with a SOPs Manual and a Training Program that has been compiled in accordance to Malaysian National Security Council (MKN) guidelines. Members of the two associations will go through training conducted by their associations to ensure that their spas will reopen responsibly and within the guidelines set by the Malaysian Authorities.

The objectives of the Safe to Spa Campaign are:-

  • To Disseminate Correct Know-How – This is to ensure all spas and PUK members of AMSPA and MAWSPA know and follow the correct SOPs for strict hygiene and safety control set by MKN.
  • To Provide Training for Members – MAWSPA and AMSPA will conduct training for their member spas and PUK for free. This is both a privilege and the benefit of being a MAWSPA and AMSPA Member.
  • To Provide Protection and Safety – Whether one is a client or a staff working in an AMSPA or MAWSPA member Spa or PUK, they must be well protected, and their safety well taken care of. This is the kind of guiding principle that we pass down to our members.
  • Recognition of Quality – It is unfortunate that standards and quality of operators in this country’s spa and wellness industry are extremely varied and the good quality Spas and PUKs operating in Malaysia go undifferentiated from but is instead, often tarnished with the same brush with the illegal and ill reputable operators.

We have to ensure that our Members get the recognition they deserve. Out of the thousands of Spas and PUK operators in the country, the total number of members for both AMSPA and MAWSPA is only about 500. This is due to the stringent criteria set for membership. We believe in the quality rather than quantity of members.

“The Safe to Spa Campaign will provide our members after they have received the necessary training and is ready to reopen, with a certificate of participation as well as a ‘Badge of Honour’ to display at their outlet as an indication and assurance to anyone looking to patronize a Spa or a Pusat Urutan Kaki, that the outlet is a member of AMSPA or MAWSPA, and has received the necessary training to conduct treatments approved within MKN guidelines, with a high level of safety and hygiene,” the statement added.

In looking for a Spa or PUK of quality, make sure it is a member of AMSPA or MAWSPA, then look for the Safe to Spa Badge of Honour on display in the outlet that certifies that the outlet has gone through the necessary training and have adopted the necessary protocols to counter COVID-19.
In other words, the outlet is Safe to Spa in.

AMSPA and MAWSPA are Malaysia’s only recognised and longest standing spa associations whose members comprise of some of the best Spas and PUK in the country and in the region.

For more information, visit to find the list of spas participating in the campaign or contact the two associations below:-

Association of Malaysian Spas (AMSPA):
Malaysian Association of Wellness & Spa (MAWSPA):

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