Blue Is The New Green: How APAC Beauty Firms Are Riding The Wave Towards Marine Protection

From ethically sourced marine ingredients to waterless formulations, cosmetic companies in Asia Pacific are turning their attention towards marine protection on the latest step on their journey towards sustainability.

While green beauty focuses on environmental protection, blue beauty stems from the need to address and correct the ways the industry’s products harm our oceans. “From ingredient sourcing to responsible packaging, industry leaders that were previously seen as ‘green’ are now making a concerted effort to become ‘blue’. It’s certainly resonating with the sustainability and ethical expectations of consumers. With the oceans covering more than 70% of the Earth’s surface, it comes as no surprise that future leaders are advocating their protection,” ​explained Krutika Sen, business affairs manager of Australian biotech firm Marinova.

She said that the trend, while a global one, is spreading quickly in the APAC region, evidenced by more research into the potential of marine-derived ingredients.

Furthermore, because of the historic use of seaweeds in many Asian cultures, the company expects seaweed to be in high demand among brands from APAC.

“We tend to see APAC brands very open to incorporating seaweed extracts into their products. They are already aware of many the therapeutic benefits offered by certain seaweeds and their bioactive compounds and keen to embrace new scientific evidence as it emerges.”​

As the blue beauty model emphasises the entire supply chain, Sen expects it to place sustainable and ethical sourcing under the microscope.

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