24 – 26 AUGUST 2022


Catch Cosmobeaute Vietnam in action soon!

Wondering what’s in our upcoming Cosmobeauté Vietnam?

Fred not! Catch the latest news and new products launch in Cosmobeauté Vietnam soon!

Coming very soon to you! Our very own publications – Show Update and Show Preview!


Stay tune to us as we are releasing our additional issue of Show Update for Cosmobeauté Vietnam – a newsletter / buyer guide featuring latest news, exhibitors’ products & services, daily programs, and handy information for all you need, during your visit to Cosmobeauté Vietnam!


Ready to impress our visitors with the preview of your product features in our newest issue of Cosmobeauté Vietnam Show Update & Show Preview! Besides, you might receive great interest from the buyers right before our exhibition!

Be prepared as they will be delivered to your doorstep at the following month!

Cosmobeauté Vietnam Show Update and Show Preview will be circulated within the Vietnam region;

If you are resided out of Vietnam, and interested to view our publications, please download them from our website!

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Soo Hui at [email protected]!