28 SEP – 1 OCT 2022


[Malaysia] State-of-the-art skincare technology at your fingertips

When it comes to a woman’s search for long lasting beauty, there are all kinds of rejuvenating secrets in the market. But Microcell Synergy Treatment (MST) seems to be the solution in retaining glowing skin inside out.

Microcell Synergy Treatment offers unrivalled skincare solutions and its 21st century magical formula which originates from the United States (US) is synonymous to perfection in skincare technology.

Its formulation maintains skin vitality and youthfulness with the finest ingredients of the highest quality from all over the world.

It is an innovative method of using micro needles with high-speed penetration technology to position, layer and quantitatively deliver natural active ingredients to the inner cell membrane. The micro needle is injected directly into the skin which enables rapid and effective regeneration. This treatment works superbly well in the dermal layer and able to cure various skin disorders.

The micro needle remarkably revolutionises the changing trend of skincare in South East Asia. It is a safe and painless procedure which leaves absolutely no scar. Its absorption rate is unmatched. Within a short time, your skin is visibly transformed.

MST was launched in July 2014 at one of the most prestigious exhibitors in Malaysia. The event brought massive positive response to the brand.

It is never too late to walk through a crowd and get noticed by your appearance with skin that exudes radiance and glow. Come and find out more about the micro needle.