[Malaysia] Trinity Beauty Malaysia Pushes Nail Experts to the Next Level

Established in year 2012, Trinity Beauty Malaysia is destined to drive the nail and beauty industry growth by producing and educating more skilful nail talents. Trinity Beauty Malaysia offers comprehensive guru education programmes in order to train nail gurus and to ensure their students excel in educating more students and nail technicians.

To spread the legacy of Tom Holcomb, Erin Eng, Joey Chen and Jasmine Ng set up Trinity Beauty Malaysia. Representing Trinity US in Asia, Trinity Beauty Malaysia distributes Trinity’s products in Asia and organises classes & activities for the nail gurus in Asia. In addition to these, Trinity Beauty Malaysia also helps the students to increase international exposure by providing them avenues to perform in international stages and to take part in competitions at international levels. One of the largest annual event which Trinity Beauty Malaysia takes part in, is the Trinity Beauty Guru & International Guru Program. This annual event gathers more than 50 nail gurus from around 16 countries for meeting and knowledge sharing.

Trinity Beauty Malaysia has initiated a program, namely “Date with Nails by Trinity Beauty Guru Malaysia”. This is a seminars that will be conducted 3 times a year in various states and cities in Malaysia. The experienced nail gurus will demonstrate nail techniques such as gel painting, nail art painting and will provide creative ideas on sculpture designs. Certificate, acknowledged by Trinity US, will be given to all attendees of the Date with Nails program.

As the main distributor in Asia, Trinity Beauty Malaysia is aiming to expand the brand in Asian countries, especially Myanmar market in the near future. Therefore, Trinity Beauty Malaysia is joining Cosmobeaute Asia to promote the brand and to expand the business reach to the Asia market. Besides, they are also organising the CosmoNail Cup International Nail Competition at Cosmobeaute Asia in Cosmobeaute Asia. This nail competition has been recognized as the largest nail competition in ASEAN region.

About Trinity Beauty, US

Trinity Beauty is a family owned business run by the Holcomb family. Tom Holcomb, the legendary nail technician and a nail guru to all, determined to make Trinity Beauty his return to the nail industry. He aims to teach everyone and hope the students will be the champions in the industry while carry on his vision. Trinity brand has expanded worldwide, including Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, New Zealand, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, UAE, Ireland, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan, UK, Portugal, Poland, Spain, Mexico, Lithuania, Italy, Greece and Bulgaria.

Tom Holcomb was a ten-time World Champion, five-time Japan Master and two-time International Champion in Munich and Dusseldorf. Tom has won more than 200 competitions throughout 26 years in his career.

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