28 SEP – 1 OCT 2022



Photo source from Daily Express

From what we have known, there are many different kind of massage in the world and the common ones that we are familiar with are such as Thai Massage, Balinese Massage, Ayurvedic Massage and Chinese Massage. Now, we are proud to announce that the Malaysian Association of Wellness and Spa (MAWSpa) has come up with “Urutan Malaysia” designed by Malaysian professionals from different ethnic who joined their respective traditional massage techniques into a single unique product.

The first launch of Urutan Malaysia was organized by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture (Motac) in collaboration with Malaysia’s Spa and Wellness Industry (Mawspa) and Amspa. Urutan Malaysia (UM) is a combination of the best techniques in massage from different ethnic traditional massage from the Malays, Chinese, India Peranakan, Sabah and Sarawak indigenous people.

Photo source from Daily Express

“We encourage all spa owners to register with us for the full package and be trained formally so that by 2018, everyone is ready to promote this unique product in their menu” said Datin Jeanette Tambakau, President of Association of Malaysian Spas (Amspa).

Photo source from Daily Express

“It is totally new but I am confident that with the right attitude and spirit to promote Malaysia as another interesting holiday hub/destination, we will be able to make it a sought-after product in time to come” said Dr. Baskaran Kosthi, President of Malaysian Association of Wellness and Spa (Mawspa).

Photo source from Daily Express

“Our Urutan Malaysia is unique and will carry out identity as Malaysians. When the elements come from various ethnics in Malaysia, it clearly shows to the world that we are indeed One Malaysia” said Alyssa Lim Angian, Master Trainer of Urutan Malaysia.

With the introduction of Urutan Malaysia, the spa and wellness industry in Malaysia will grow rapidly which Malaysian spa therapist will be practicing it as the signature massage.

Source from: Daily Express 6 November, 2017