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19 – 21 April 2018


[Vietnam] Continue to deliver Business Opportunity for International Exhibitors

The 8th Edition of Cosmobeauté Vietnam 2015 has drawn many positive reviews. In this article, we will take a look at several feedbacks from international exhibitors regarding their successful participation during the 8th Edition.

Among exhibitors who participated during Cosmobeauté Vietnam 2015 was Maria Grazia Zanini, President of Myosotis S.R.L from Italy. Being asked about her experience in Cosmobeauté Vietnam 2015, she commented: “This exhibition is very interesting because many visitors are not only from Vietnam, but also from neighbouring countries.”

Similarly, Monica Xavier, CEO of Aliique Medical Beauty Group from UK also commented: “We met a lot of potential buyers during the exhibition and a lot of them are not only from Vietnam but also from other Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia and we had great responses regarding our products.” Having also participated in various other exhibitions in other countries, Monica rated Cosmobeauté Vietnam to be among the best.

The fact that plenty of Non-Vietnamese trade visitors coming all the way to Vietnam to visit the exhibition confirm the vast business potential that is available in the Indochina region and Southeast Asia. The annual exhibition is considered a ‘must-visit’ event by most beauty product traders, retailers and salon entrepreneurs in the region. This is because the chance to get a close look at various high quality and the latest beauty products from overseas is something that is anticipated year after year.

On the other hand, most exhibitors during Cosmobeauté Vietnam came up with positive reviews regarding the exhibition. Among them was Daniel Solymosi, Marketing Manager of Cosmed KFT from Hungary. “I think everything was perfect about the exhibition and I hope that it will stay as it is right now. We have met with many serious inquirers for our product and I am positive that we will have very good partners here in Vietnam.”

Meanwhile, Roddy Gan, Managing Director of Aedge Asia Resources from Singapore commented: “In terms of logistics and the flow of visitors, I think Cosmobeauté have done a really good job. Visitors here in Vietnam are very friendly and are willing to listen and I think that there is vast business potential here in Vietnam.”

Being asked about the location of the exhibition, Patrizio Filiponi, Export Manager of PT Priskila from Indonesia commented: “The exhibition is very good, the location is really nice, and there are plenty of hotels and restaurants nearby so I think that it is an ideal place to do business.”

Cosmobeauté Vietnam, after 8 years experience with positive reviews from exhibitors, strong local connection and continuous government support, is set to maintain its reputation as the best choice for distributors and professionals in the beauty industry to source new products from around the world.



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