[MALAYSIA] 小凯 (Xiao Kai) Making First Appearance in Cosmobeaute Asia 2016!

First Appearance in Cosmobeauté Asia

Famous Taiwan beauty personality Xiao Kai will be making his first appearance in Cosmobeauté Asia this coming July! The make up master is set to perform a demonstration on stage while also introducing his newly established brand “KAI DELUXE”. If you are a professional in the make up industry, this is a chance you shouldn’t miss!

Learn Makeup Techniques From The Master

With Xiao Kai’s vast experience in the world of make up art, audience will be presented with dazzling work of art that you will normally see featured by top models on the front pages of popular magazines. If you are new to the industry, get to know more about his stryle as he shares his knowledge, tips and advices during the 1 hour show!

Regular Appearance in Taiwanese TV Show “Queen”

Being a widely recognized beauty personality, Xiao Kai made regular appearances in Taiwanese TV show “QUEEN” as a professional make up artist, providing tips and insights on various topics on screen. The TV show focuses on Women and Beauty, watched by millions of people from not just Taiwan but also from China, Hong Kong, and even Southeast Asian countries. A regular in the TV show, Xiao Kai have worked with many other famous beauty personalities and make up artists such as Pauline, Lan, Lin-Chi Ling, Maggie Cheung and many others.

Dazzling Work of Art

The make up guru frequently shows his sheer talent through numerous works on top professional models appearing on popular magazines such as Bazaar, Elle, Bella, marie Claire and others.

Various Books about Make Up Published

With his expertise and experience in the make up industry, Xiao Kai is adored by many inspiring young artists. Up until now, he has published various books in the make up category such as:

• 明星脸彩妆书 (2007)
• 美颜觉醒 (2008)
• 百变脸书 (2011)
• 超美力 (2013)
• 画了眉 (2014)

Catch Xiao Kai & KAI DELUXE in Action!
Venue: Stage (Level 4)
Date: 19th July 2016
Time: 11am – 12pm






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